Lion Shaped Plant Holder

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"FRP Product ,Long Lasting,Attractive plant pot holder With Vibrant Look Exclusive Design,Makes your Place Vibrant Easily Accomodable,Eye catching Design,Light Weight,Unique Product Amazing Shine and Finishing,Unbreakable,Carefully manufactured and designed","This is a superb LION shaped Plant Pot In small Size. Display your refined taste in home décor and aesthetic beauty with this stunning Craffto FRP PLANT HOLDER.This FRP Plant pot perfectly captures the beauty and elegance of a DECORATIVE ARENA . This Alluring Snail Shaped Plant holder will add immense style to any type of decor.Made of good quality FRP, this statue is light in weight, long lasting and quite sturdy.It has amazing finish and great detailing. Fine Finishing fibre product, Alluring design, Durable,Unbreakable,Attractive look, Long lasting .".
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